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Re: [p2-dev] P2 security warning in headless RCP applications

This dialog results from the execution of the checkTrust phase that is responsible for checking the signatures of everything being installed.
There are two ways to get rid of it:
1) When the engine is invoked, specify a phase set that does not include the checktrust phase
IEngine#perform(IPPlan, IPhaseSet, IProgressMonitor)
see PhaseSetFactory#createDefaultPhaseSetExcludin()
This will cause the signature check to not be performed and thus no dialog will be opened

2) Register a different UIServices service to replace the default one that prompts (ValidationDialogServiceUI).
In this case the signature verification is still performed by then engine but the user is not prompted since your code would not do that.

On 2011-01-05, at 8:02 AM, Eugen Reiswich wrote:

Hi folks,

we are working on a P2 based installation app for headless RCP applications. So far P2 works fine but sometimes the installation process blocks because P2 opens a dialog with some security warnings (see attachment). As we are developing a headless RCP application there is no one who can confirm or cancel this dialog.

Is there any possibility to avoid this dialog?


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