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Re: [p2-dev] Executing a P2 traverse query

e similar code in org.eclipse.equinox.p2.updateChecker

Yeah; I've noticed that moving onto P2, a lot of our code can just go away.  Which makes me happy. :)  We originally coded all this against 3.3.
I'm not sure what P2 terms are yet for downloadRootDir, but I'm guessing that this has something to do with P2 Profiles?  In Update Manager, this specified a root directory where we would create your install site(s).  The purpose is to enable installations on Citrix or *nixes where the installation directory might not be writable; this we have to support putting updates somewhere else.
p2 hides any concept of location except on creation of the installation. You should dump this parameter.

This is a pretty deep concern.  Like I said, Citrix on Windows and the *nixes pretty much require us to have this.
I do not have any knowledge of the Citrix environment. What is special about it?
How does that relate to the support for shared installed that we have in p2?

I wasn't aware of P2 shared install support.  That quite possibly could allay our concern. 

I just found http://wiki.eclipse.org/Equinox_p2_Shared_Install#Current_Approach and will ask if I have questions.  Thanks. 

I'm not sure this doc is really up to date. The best way to see what happens in the case of shared installs is, install eclipse (do not run it), make it read only (on windows you have to go to some advanced permissions mgt pages to do it properly) and then run it.

Unless I'm missing something and assuming that you can detect what needs to be installed for a given user on each feature, then the use case you are describing does not require the traversal. 

Thanks for confirming this.  We just discovered this experimentally and were wondering if this P2 wonder could possibly be real. :)
The dependency management in p2 really rocks!