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[p2-dev] installing features via p2 api


We are looking at using P2 as part of a continuous deployment infrastructure to support a high volume distributed service and wanted to see if we could get a little assistance in bringing up a prototype using p2 as a provisioning agent in headless containers.  Specifically, we've looked at the p2 source code and at the toast example, and are having an issue where we install a feature via (roughly)

       IProfileChangeRequest request = planner.createChangeRequest(profile);
       ProvisioningContext context = new ProvisioningContext(agent);
       IProvisioningPlan plan = planner.getProvisioningPlan(request, context,
       engine.perform(plan, monitor);

The condition we observe is that the operation above succeeds, and we can query the IU out of the profile, but cannot see it (via ss) on the equinox console (we are just deploying to a debug container from eclipse) and we cannot see the bundle in any other way from the console.  Does anyone know what we are missing to "commit" the install?

My apologies if this if off topic or on the incorrect list.