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RE: [p2-dev] Installing plugins to bundle pool and updating eclipse installation

  Logged the following bug to track this issue.

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From: Latha Nagaraj 
Sent: Monday, June 14, 2010 7:30 PM
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Subject: RE: [p2-dev] Installing plugins to bundle pool and updating eclipse installation


  I don't think it is an issue with plug-in loading. Because when we install the same feature using the "install new software", it goes through fine and I am able to see it in my launched eclipse. It seems to be an issue during installation.


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Subject: Re: [p2-dev] Installing plugins to bundle pool and updating eclipse installation

> Latha Nagaraj <nagaraj@xxxxxxxxx> wrote on 11/06/2010 23:28:32:
> Hi,
>   We need to support an installation use case, where we want to
> install certain plug-ins/feature to the bundle pool and then update
> one of the eclipse installations (which is based on this pool)  to
> use the feature from the pool.
>   We are facing few issues with bundle pooling and need some help.
>   I have installed two classic eclipse installations say
> installation 1 and installation 2 using the latest 3.6 p2 installer.
>   Both the eclipse installations use the same bundle pool. I want to
> install a feature on to the bundle pool and use it in the eclipse
> installation 1.
>   I tried doing this using the following options of the director
> application from installation 1
>   eclipsec.exe -application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director -
> repository <my-localupdate-site> -installIU <mypfeature> -bundlepool
> <mypool> -destination <installation1>  -profile <installation1>
>   I see that the plug-in from the feature is installed to the bundle
> pool. However, when I launch the installation 1, I do not see the
> plugins in the list of installed plugins.

One possibility is that the installed plug-ins failed to load due to
some reason (missing dependencies - possible if feature wasn't declaring
its dependencies correctly or some other runtime bundle load failure).

To differentiate the load failure from install failure, see whether the
new plug-ins are listed in the file pointed to by the value of the property
"org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator.configUrl" in
file of installation1.

If you see your plug-ins listed there then it is likely a load failure.


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