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[p2-dev] Installing plugins to bundle pool and updating eclipse installation



  We need to support an installation use case, where we want to install certain plug-ins/feature to the bundle pool and then update one of the eclipse installations (which is based on this pool)  to use the feature from the pool.

  We are facing few issues with bundle pooling and need some help.


  I have installed two classic eclipse installations say installation 1 and installation 2 using the latest 3.6 p2 installer.

  Both the eclipse installations use the same bundle pool. I want to install a feature on to the bundle pool and use it in the eclipse installation 1.


  I tried doing this using the following options of the director application from installation 1


  eclipsec.exe -application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director -repository <my-localupdate-site> -installIU <mypfeature> -bundlepool <mypool> -destination <installation1>  -profile <installation1>


  I see that the plug-in from the feature is installed to the bundle pool. However, when I launch the installation 1, I do not see the plugins in the list of installed plugins.


  Now, tried installing the plug-in from the local site using the “install new software” in installation 1.

  On doing so, I see that there is a copy of the plug-in made in the installation folder of “installation 1”. Shouldn’t it refer to the plug-in from the bundle pool?


  How do I achieve the use case described above? We are looking for either director command line options or any P2 APIs.