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RE: [p2-dev] "roaming" is mutually exclusive with "bundlePool"

Ciao Pradeep :)
IIRC then I followed the standard procedures listed in existing docs,
I'll try to reproduce my setup and post a wiki HOWTO doing so with
I'm curious about the current status anyway! :)

Watch this spot for updates...'

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> Pascal Rapicault wrote on 04/07/2009 03:05:29:
> > "Haigermoser, Helmut" wrote on 30/06/2009 20:28:06:
> >
> > So, here is what I want, a single directory containing:
> > - bundlePool
> > - install.linux
> > - install.solaris
> >
> > with install.solaris and install.linux being the launchers and 
> > config data, but the bundlePool containing all necessary plug-ins.
> > This is quite easily doable, and works miraculously well. All the 
> > references are relative "../bundlePool/...", nice job! :)
> Happy to hear that this is working fine for you. I'm sure that many 
> ppl in the community would be appreciative if you could document how 
> you did this on the wiki.

Helmut - did you get a chance to document the steps (API or cmd-line?)
on the wiki as Pascal suggested? If so, please pass on the URL.


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