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[p2-dev] Follow up: Updating to a certain version

Hi all,

I've been having a tough time with p2, but most of the trouble where caused by myself. Thanks for the help so far, at leat I have the UI up now and thanks to finding out that p2.data.area=@config/../p2 I now know that this wont work when you change the osgi.configuration.area. Really had a fight with this.

But I still need your help with understanding the API. I want to to a headless Update on Startup, and I looked into the prestartupade and the cloud example. As far as I can see the Policy in the cloud example is useful only to the p2 UI.

What I need to achieve is that I only update to a certain osgi version, because client and server need to stay in sync and I cannot know when the server gets updated. So the client asks the server for its version at startup (simply policy, versions have to match) and then I want to update to the same version on the client side. I did some diving into the API but I didn't see any starting point where to place such a restriction on the UpdateOperation. I can see the available Updates after the resolve, but looking at the "Update" I don't understand how I should select the right one because there so little info exposed in there.

If you could give me a starting point, wether to place a query upfront the resolve operation or wether to select the right update afterwards this would be of great help to me.

If I need to give any further information please let me know.

Regards Thomas