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[p2-dev] Preventing installation of bundles under specific conditions

I posted this to the Equinox group a while back, without much luck. I know folks are busy with Helios but figured it's worth a shot here. I'm not sure p2 can solve it but it certainly feels like a provisioning problem to me.

I have a client/server application. I would like to enforce two requirements before allowing new versions of my client bundles to be installed.

1. Resources in the workspace are in a particular state (for example, have certain session properties set).

2. The server has been upgraded to a compatible version. Basically need to run some code that talks to the server and asks what its version is.

In either case, if the requirement is not met, I want to stop the installation. The user should be able to try updating again after fixing their problems and it should work.

This doesn't really feel like touchpoints.. is there some other hook I can use? Does such a hook exist? I am open to solutions outside of p2 as well..

FYI, I'm stuck on 3.5.0 for this one.