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Re: [p2-dev] Generation of content.jar for "category" child in Composite Repos... How?

Hello again, I just discovered how to review and search the web archive for this list, and I found the original post and Ian Bull's reply:
Sorry, I just saw your e-mail now and it doesn't appear to be answered.

It looks like you are trying to add the category to the composite repository. You should add the category to a child repo, and add the child repo to the composite repository.


Unfortunately, I'm looking for the specifics of exactly 'how' to do what Ian suggested. I'm running 'headless', so need to know the app and parameters to use to generate the "category only" child repo within the composite repo.

Technically, I think I only need to generate the category repo, and can then use it to populate the child repo using p2.mirror. However the actual step to create the category repo (content.jar) is completely missing.




Eric Gwin wrote:

About this time last year, Kim Moir posted a blog on how to generate categories as a child in a composite repository (http://relengofthenerds.blogspot.com/2009_05_01_archive.html). The actual creation of the content.jar was not covered, and she suggested in her blog that the question of "How do I use p2 to create this xml/jar?" be asked here.

I don't have history on this mailing list that goes back that far. Assuming the question was asked, and answered, could someone please forward it to me or respond to the blog post with the instructions? If the former, I'll happily do the latter for posterity.


-- -Eric

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