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[p2-dev] contribution to the I build

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 204823. [prov] [ui] Confusing mixture of entry points and groups in end user UI (FIXED)
+ Bug 206077. [prov] Should we have a ProfileDelta in a provisioning plan and an associated engine phase for applying it? (FIXED)
+ Bug 207991. [prov] Invalid paths in eclipse.ini and config.ini (FIXED)
+ Bug 208965. [prov] Move helper classes out of API package (FIXED)
+ Bug 209086. [prov] Need to create Ant tasks for p2 applications (FIXED)
+ Bug 209992. [prov] IQueryable, take two (FIXED)
+ Bug 211137. [prov] Self Profile for the agent downlaods looks empty (FIXED)
+ Bug 212336. [prov] Tighten up API for Profile and ProfileRegistry (FIXED)
+ Bug 213602. [prov] ProvisioningContext / Limiting metadata repos to resolve against in Planner (FIXED)
+ Bug 217100. [prov] Enabling provisioning of features in the installer (FIXED)
+ Bug 218232. [prov] Engine needs to be a service (FIXED)
+ Bug 218451. [prov] Rename API packages to provisional API (FIXED)
+ Bug 225250. Need to get rid of exemplary setup (FIXED)
+ Bug 226401. Complete implementation of director application (FIXED)
+ Bug 226852. director application need to change install folder when operating on a roaming profile (FIXED)
+ Bug 228733. Pass multiple repositories to the director application (FIXED)
+ Bug 229183. [director] [api] ProvisioningContex does not handle repository in a consistent way (FIXED)
+ Bug 229384. Director application will try to install all the versions available of a given feature (FIXED)
+ Bug 229416. Director application fails with NPE (FIXED)
+ Bug 232315. Uninstall of the director application should not require repo (FIXED)
+ Bug 232446. Confusing flavor message in externalized strings (FIXED)
+ Bug 233469. [reconciler] Bundle lost when moved from dropins to plugins (FIXED)
+ Bug 234882. Director fails to acquire framework manipulator (FIXED)
+ Bug 237776. Replace URL by URI (FIXED)
+ Bug 241054. Possibly not intended use of Path.equals() (FIXED)
+ Bug 241430. Limit director repository list to provided URLs (FIXED)
+ Bug 248045. Director creates metadata directory with default content.xml if not existing (FIXED)
+ Bug 250452. Update applications to handle URIs (FIXED)
+ Bug 251622. [director] Using director for install does not install into destination (FIXED)
+ Bug 261460. [director] structure LatestIUVersionCollector as a query (FIXED)
+ Bug 265578. director cannot find IU if more than one repo specified (FIXED)
+ Bug 266941. GC trigger should only run when the uninstall and commit occurred in the same profile (CLOSED)
+ Bug 267337. [director] NPE in Director App when initializing profile without bundle pool (FIXED)
+ Bug 268185. Director Application destination problems (FIXED)
+ Bug 271167. No error info on a failed install (FIXED)
+ Bug 280147. MirrorTask fails with OOM error when trying to update an existing mirror (FIXED)
+ Bug 280349. [discovery] portal does not recognize bundles as installed (FIXED)
+ Bug 297741. [repo] Installing from update site fails with "Unpack facility not configured" (CLOSED)
+ Bug 303990. MetaRequirement seems broken... (CLOSED)
+ Bug 305277. [discovery] bundle ids are not handled consistently (FIXED)
+ Bug 305490. [planner] Remove code related to absolute provisioning plan from ProfileChangeRequest (CLOSED)
+ Bug 306424. [reconciler] Optionally installed IU not removed when dependent IU is removed (FIXED)
+ Bug 306737. p2.director bundle has odd dependencies (CLOSED)
+ Bug 308038. CleanupUnzip does not cleanup all directories (CLOSED)
+ Bug 308550. [generator] metadata generator sets a bad MD5 sum on launcher artifact (FIXED)
+ Bug 308576. [reconciler] Unable to install test framework via drop-ins (NEW)
+ Bug 308653. org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director.app.application application appears to have been removed (FIXED)
+ Bug 308660. [publisher] localization fragment IU created without providing self (FIXED)
+ Bug 308704. MetadataFactory.createRequirement() multiple parameter is broken (CLOSED)

The following projects have changed: