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[p2-dev] What's the suggested way to pick up eclipse components

Our product depends on many eclipse components and I'm working on picking up eclipse 3.6 for our product.
When I looked at the 3.6m6 drivers, some of them are in an update site format which you can install from and some of them are still in the old zipped file format. I'm wondering what's the suggested way to put them together. It seems that I should install from the update site. But I don't want all the installation history to be shown to the customers when we ship the product. Is there a way to remove them? Another question is how to get all this to a installation CD? I zip up the image with all the components or ship a complete site and let the user install from it?

For the components which are provided in the zip file format. What's the suggested way to handle them?

Best Regards

Samuel Wu