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[p2-dev] Removing MatchQuery in M7.

As stated in the deprecation note for MatchQuery, we would like to get rid of this class for M7. We are also very anxious not to disrupt our clients.


Clients may depend on the deprecated class. An alternative solution is included in the deprecation note but some code still need to be moved.


1. Tests show that performance is at least a 100 times better when indexes are used. A MatchQuery can never use an index.
2. We don't risk queries that have side-effects during evaluation.
3. The expression evaluator can be cleaner if concerns about MatchQuery are removed.
4. API is cleaner and easier to elaborate.
5. Queries can be executed by a service in another process (database, remote, etc.)
6. No need to expose API for, or document, internal query behavior.

Thomas Hallgren