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[p2-dev] IProfileUpdateRequest

In the 3.6 planner, the API signature of the getProvisioningPlan method is this:

public IProvisioningPlan getProvisioningPlan(IProfileChangeRequest profileChangeRequest, ProvisioningContext context, IProgressMonitor monitor);

The first param...i.e. profileChangeRequest has type IProfileChangeRequest. But in the SimplePlanner implementation, however, is this code:

public IProvisioningPlan getProvisioningPlan(IProfileChangeRequest request, ProvisioningContext context, IProgressMonitor monitor) {
ProfileChangeRequest pcr = (ProfileChangeRequest) request;

Note that this first line of the getProvisioningPlan implementation requires that the request be of type ProfileChangeRequest...or subclass...and ProfileChangeRequest is a non-API class (at least in m6)...i.e.


meaning that other clients of the IPlanner (at least using the simple planner), must use ProfileChangeRequest to use the SimplePlanner. Is this desired?