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Re: [p2-dev] Pack200 and Canonical Descriptor Issue

You are being lied to. p2 does not produce such repositories. Judging from previous discussions through bug reports, I believe this results from the modeling build infrastructure that runs some a script of its own that strip out the canonical artifacts. 
That said this repository seems to be valid.

On 2010-03-16, at 11:45 AM, Marcus R Kestler wrote:

We are seeing a lot of P2 artifact repositories being produced that have only pack200 files in them. In the P2 artifact repository file, it still has an artifact descriptor for a canonical version of the artifact. Trying to get this canonical descriptor produces an exception.
The teams who own these claim that the P2 tooling is producing this. I had assumed they were just deleting their jar files. Does P2 do this? Will it add a canonical, invalid artifact descriptor when it produces a pack200 only repository?
Two examples of what I'm referring to are here:



Marcus Kestler
Advisory Software Engineer
IBM Rational Capilano Group

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