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[p2-dev] Strange issues with update site = pulling my hair out

I’m hoping someone here can help me with some really weird behavior I’m seeing with p2.  I’m having multiple problems with what I believe is a very straight forward scenario.


I have 3 plugins, one feature, and one update site.  Installing the feature/plugins through the update site was easy and successful.  My problems are coming now that I try to release a new version and update those installations.


First problem:

I’ve got my updated plugins (new code, bug fixes, etc).  I incremented the version number on those plugins (from 1.0.0 ->  I updated the feature version number similarly.  Rebuilt the update site.  Redeploy update site.  The Eclipse installation notices I have a new version, downloads the new plugin (or seems to), but then when I use the plugin – the code seems to be the original code from the 1.0.0 version?!?  And if I look in the Product Details dialog I notice the plugin version is still 1.0.0..??


Second problem:

In experimenting to fix this problem, I created a whole new Eclipse installation, installed the version from the start.  Works fine.  Now I tried to uninstall and installed 1.0.0 back in.  Now I’m having a similar problem as above.  This time the code still seems to be at version even though I uninstalled that and installed 1.0.0.  Checking the Product Details dialog shows version 1.0.0 installed.  I even checked the /plugins directory and it shows a 1.0.0 plugin as well.  Yet the actual code that’s getting executed is definitely!


I’ve tried deleting some of the cache files in the p2 directory.  That didn’t seem to change anything. 


Please help.