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Re: [p2-dev] MatchQuery

You're certainly not required to compile with source set to 1.5. In fact, care has been taken to ensure that you can use p2 with a 1.4 VM.

I'm pretty sure that varags gets translated to an Object array (Object[]), so you can try passing an empty object array as your last parameter.

However, I don't think you want to extend this class.  I'm actually surprised we don't have a @noextend on it.  Instead you should be creating an instance of this class with your own _expression_ that represents the query.

See the wiki page for more information:


On Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 5:41 PM, Thomas M Houser <tmhouser@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The MatchQuery class has been made internal and marked as deprecated.  In the deprecation comment it says to use ExpressionMatchQuery instead.  We compile our code with javacSource=1.4 and javacTarget=1.4.  I can't seem to get any of our subclasses to compile if I use ExpressionMatchQuery as the superclass.  That is, the old MatchQuery class had a default parameterless constructor that was public.  The ExpressionMatchQuery class doesn't.  And the constructors that are public have variable number of arguments:

        public ExpressionMatchQuery(Class<? extends T> matchingClass, IExpression _expression_, Object... parameters) {

In my subclass, this call to the super constructor does not compile:

        super(IInstallableUnit.class, ExpressionUtil.TRUE_EXPRESSION);

Are clients of the p2 API now required to compile with javacSource=1.5 and javacTarget=1.5?  Or is there some trick here?
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