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[p2-dev] API work left

We've come a long way on the API work. We are now getting to the finish line and we just need a last push to clean things up and finish things off.

For today's call, please make sure to have reached a conclusion on the bugs that were marked API and are assigned to yourself. If you have any doubt, let's discuss this during the call.

In addition to these, here are some of the problems that I have found or things that have not yet been handled. I have assigned names to each work being left, to make sure that it gets done. If you can't do it please find a delegate. Thx.

* MetadataFactory:
- We need to take a pass on the MetadataFactory to clean up the various methods that are on it. - DJ
- Add a method to merge touchpoint data(MetadataFactory#mergeTouchpointData) - Andrew
- Do we need to have a method to create instance of ArtifactKey? - Andrew

* Metadata package:
- This needs to be moved to use IRequirement instead of IRequiredCapability. This is not yet and can wait until after M6 given that only the planner is using this. Do we need to mark this @noreference? - Thomas H

- Having this as part of the API is rather weird. Can we find a way to do without it being API? - Thomas H

- The OmniVersion class still contains references to the OSGi Version class. We should get rid of these bridge method. The goal is to have the metadata package be OSGi free. - Pascal

- Mark the method @noreference - Pascal

* Repository
- IArtifactRepository#executeBatch does not have a progress monitor.  Should it take one? - Ian
- IMetadataRepository does not have batching ability? Should we add this? - Ian 
- Should RepositoryState be API - John
- IMetadataRepository#addReferences(), why don't we have this for IArtifactRepository - John

Thanks a lot,