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Re: [p2-dev] feature patches

On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 2:37 PM, Scott Lewis <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi p2ers,
> Second: ÂI have created a feature patch project, and have a question: ÂCan
> the o.e.e.p2.user.ui feature version be specified as '0.0.0', so as to allow
> the use of a single feature patch for use with any version of
> o.e.e.p2.user..ui feature? ÂSpecifically, will this work (from feature.xml
> for the feature patch)?
> Â<requires>
> Â Â <import feature="org.eclipse.equinox.p2.user.ui" version="0.0.0"
> patch="true"/>
> Â</requires>

While this might be fixed in the latest version of PDE Build, in 3.5.x
a feature patch generates an exact match by the time it becomes an IU,
something like [3.5.0.vx-XrC,3.5.0.vx-XrC].  When I was using features
patches for Resources in e4, I had to massage the IUs after the fact
with XSL so that I wasn't constrained to specific Platform or RCP
features (useful when trying to apply to the 3.6 I builds :-)

  <xsl:template match="@range[../@name='org.eclipse.platform.feature.group']">
    <xsl:attribute name="range">[3.5.0,4.0.0)</xsl:attribute>


Paul Webster
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