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[p2-dev] p2 meeting

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the p2 call today (I'm teaching a lecture at that time). However, I thought I would send my status.

Last week I released the changes to the publisher (and artifact repository) to support batch execution.  The guys from the Babble project reported that this reduced their publishing time from 13 hours to 75 seconds.  I thought that was kinda cool.  I've also fixed a few small bugs, one around the director app comes to mind.

This week I'm going to be working on [1].  This will enable a server to specify which repository to use if multiple exist at the same location (update site vs. simple metadata for example).

[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=177231

If anyone wants to chat with me about something, send me an e-mail or just ping (I'm usually on Skype and IRC).


R. Ian Bull | EclipseSource Victoria | +1 250 477 7484
http://eclipsesource.com | http://twitter.com/eclipsesource