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[p2-dev] p2 migration guide

We have already begun to have lots of questions on this list and elsewhere from people trying to migrate from our old provisional API to the new API we are planning to declare in the Helios release. I'm sure for everyone asking here there are also many more battling through the changes in silence. So, I have created a skeleton of a migration guide to help out our provisional API clients in transitioning to our mature API:


To p2 developers and all clients who are dealing with this, feel free to add, edit, or expand on entries here as you encounter non-trivial migration problems. Minimally, when you get asked questions, copy the answer into this wiki page so that others can benefit from it. I have already copied a few of the answers that I have seen go by on this list over the past week. Hopefully some of this material can also be used when we go to write the developer documentation for p2 closer to the Helios release. I'm not suggesting that we create an exhaustive catalog of every change we made, but just that we provide some hints for the non-trivial changes that migrating clients are likely to stumble over.