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[p2-dev] Removing Operand and ProvisioningPlan from API


I just committed changes toward getting rid of Operand as part of the API. This should also allow to get rid of ProvisioningPlan (the class would no longer be API, but IProvisioningPlan would of course stay).
Rather than letting ppl create operands manually as they use to do, they can now create a ProfileChangeRequest in absolute mode (setAbsoluteMode()) and use the various adders and setters on the PCR.
I have changed all the known places in the p2 code, and adapted the SimplePlanner to handle this properly. So far so good. I still have to change the PDE code, but this should be straight forward.

Now comes the case of the tests where there is a handful of tests that are creating plan for testing the engine, and I feel compelled to just use the ProvisioningPlan constructor.

If you have any comment about this work, please comment on bug https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=298097