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Re: [p2-dev] committer votes and fumbled fingers.

Ian Bull wrote on 12/09/2009 01:01:59 AM:
> I think the reaction of the "moved" committers is also interesting.
>   I wonder if a "moved" committer would have any reservation
> touching code outside of the moved code.  

I certainly hope so. I think this is normal expected behavior for committers. You may be a committer on a large component but only have interest or expertise in some small part of it. Generally committers don't make significant changes in code they are not familiar with without discussing or reviewing with the committer who "owns" or is most familiar with the particular piece of code. Note I'm not saying this needs to be enforced or written down anywhere - in all Eclipse components I have worked on this has never been a problem and various "social protocols" are used to deal with it (voice/IRC/mailing list conversations, requests for review on bugs, etc). If I'm unsure I will usually look at the CVS history of the file to see who has most recently been active in a piece of code, and ping them if I'd like to make a change that I'm not sure about.