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Re: [p2-dev] committer votes and fumbled fingers.

I thank you for emphasising the *exceptional* character of this nomination that are part of the process of doing a move review: http://www.eclipse.org/projects/dev_process/development_process.php#6_3_7_Move_Review

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[p2-dev] committer votes and fumbled fingers.

Hi, everyone.
I felt the need to explain a couple of things with respect to my committer votes for Steffen and Shawn.
I thought I was voting +1 for Daniel as an equinox incubator committer (after all, he's already a regular committer), but apparently I inadvertently assigned a +1 and "sure" to one of Steffen's nominations.

I was planning a longer explanation for voting +1 for Steffen and Shawn.
So my votes look a bit confused, one saying "sure" the other with a long explanation, and a bunch of +1's after that (after getting frustrated with fumbling the portal interface).

I thought it was important to say that:
- I've seen patches and bug reports from both Steffen and Shawn in the course of my platform UI work, or watching SWT bugs, etc.
- these guys are talented committers
- I think it's a bit odd to vote in a committer who hasn't yet actively participated in the project itself
- the Mylyn discovery work fills an important gap in our p2 story and has proven itself through adoption by other projects
- it is best for p2 if we can integrate the work and have a cohesive story about how these pieces fit together and why
- we need those guys to support their code in p2-land, hence they need to be committers

I'm making this lengthy (public) explanation because I don't want to "dis" committers like Ian, Thomas, Henrik, Daniel who attended a bunch of calls and submitted loads of patches before we even started a nomination.

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