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[p2-dev] +1 for Steffen Pingel on rt.equinox.website

I hesitated a bit on these (Mylyn committer) votes, because I have not yet
closely reviewed the Mylyn discovery code.  We have a chicken/egg problem
whereby we think the code belongs in p2, we don\'t have lots of time to
work on it ourselves, and some very talented committers from other projects
have volunteered to do so.  It seems best for the project, but I wanted to
state this hesitation so as not to discount all the time previous
committers have spent working in p2 before earning commit rights.  I think
this is a rather unique situation, and I think we need to spend the time
with Steffen and Shawn to ensure that we get some consistency/coherency
between the discovery and regular p2 code base.

Voting summary: http://portal.eclipse.org/