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[p2-dev] Question about .blobstore

Could somebody from developer team explain a policy about Pack200 artifacts?
When I download zipped archive sites from eclipse.org  I see (usually) two elements .jar and .jar.pack.gz for each plug-in in "plugin" directory.
When I mirror this zipped archive sites using p2.mirror task  - I have only .jar  entries in "plugin" directory.
All  .jar.pack.gz entries saved in .blobstore directory and  artifacts.xml referenced it using 'artifact.uuid' property.
    <artifact classifier='osgi.bundle' id='org.eclipse.birt.chart.device.pdf' version='2.5.1.v20090625'>
      <processing size='1'>
        <step id='org.eclipse.equinox.p2.processing.Pack200Unpacker' required='true'/>
      <properties size='4'>
        <property name='artifact.size' value='11723'/>
        <property name='download.size' value='6566'/>
        <property name='format' value='packed'/>
        <property name='artifact.uuid' value='307886c89dda001e1415b1e9af675960'/>
Which kind of repo more "standard"? Which p2 task/application I should use to produce site without ".blobstore" but with ".jar.pack.gz" entries?
Eclipse 3.5.1 release is used.
Best regards
Kirill A. Balod