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[p2-dev] IQuery API

We now have some p2 API, IQuery (which was Query) is now renamed and resting peacefully in it's new home: org.eclipse.equinox.p2.metadata.query.  This was the largest commit I have made to the p2 code base, so I really hope I didn't screw anything up.  If I did, there is a tag preQueryAPI-20091102 which I created right before I committed the change.  If something is really wrong, feel free to revert.

Please make sure you do an update before you starting working on the branch.

There were some lessons learned from this.

1. Since we use import-package everywhere, I had to update all the bundles that used the provisional package to use the API package.  There are a number of obvious places (like where you get compile errors when the package is not imported), but there were a bunch of other places too (where IQuery is used indirectly).

2. Refactor doesn't run organize imports, and manually organizing imports means more changes than just what I refactored.  (some of our classes haven't had organize imports ran on them in a while). 

3. We may still do some final modifications on this class before API is declared (i.e. don't hold us to this contract quite yet) :-)


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