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[p2-dev] user question on p2.repo2runnable

I'm starting to use more p2 tasks in building WTP and am hoping to get a 
quick answer to something that looks odd to me. (that is, hope it is 
"quick and easy" for you). 

I'm using p2.mirror to create some subsets of what we build. Then I use 
p2.repo2runnable to create a "traditional" form of the features and 
plugins, which would then be zipped up and delivered as our "legacy" 
deliverables. Standard stuff I assume. 

But, I noticed that the directory created by p2.repo2runnable has 
artifacts.jar and contents.jar in them. 

Are these useful? Do they do anything? I fear our legacy users (in 
addition to me :) might be confused and might think the directory is 
usable p2 repo, but I would not think it would usable since some jars have 
been unzipped. Do others just delete these when creating legacy zips?