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Re: [p2-dev] Self hosting with a p2 profile

The profile is regenerated on each explicit launch (run or debug), but it 
is re-used on "restart" operations initiated from the target - so you can 
install software & restart the same profile.


Ian Bull <irbull@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
P2 developer discussions <p2-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
10/28/2009 08:01 PM
Re: [p2-dev] Self hosting with a p2 profile
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During subsequent launches, will "installed" bundles still be installed, 
or is the profile regenerated from the launch configuration each time?


On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 2:28 PM, Curtis Windatt <Curtis_Windatt@xxxxxxxxxx
> wrote:
The PDE team is looking to add a new enhancement for M3 that will 
hopefully help out p2 developers.  When self-hosting, the launched 
workbench currently must reuse the profile from the host.  This can make 
it difficult to test p2 code that modifies the profile.  This enhancement 
would generate a profile containing metadata for the launched plug-ins and 
set the profile as the default for the target workbench. 


There is a patch on the bug that adds a new check box to the configuration 
tab of the PDE launch configuration.  By checking the generate p2 profile 
option, everything should happen during the launch. 

I'm hoping to get some feedback from p2 users/developers.  If you could 
give the patch a try, or try out the feature in M3 and post feedback on 
the bug or this mailing list that would be great. 

I haven't been able to get it to work for 3.4 targets, can anyone on the 
list point out if there were any changes between 3.4/3.5 in where/how the 
profile is stored by the simple profile registry? 


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