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[p2-dev] what @since tag to use when the API graduates?

I'm experimenting/playing with wild refactorings in the p2 UI to see if there is a "bare minimum" set of UI classes that would make sense as API. This mainly involves the operations and the policy objects. In moving classes around to API-named packages, I get API tooling @since tag errors because the tooling expects the @since tags to match the manifest version. However, so far I have been using Eclipse release conventions.

So...I have methods that currently use
@since 3.4

I was assuming that when things actually graduate, we would use
@since 3.6

but that would require a bunch of API problem filters because the tooling (rightfully?) expects to see
@since 1.1

We'll have to have a common strategy for this when we merge the branch back. Thoughts?