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Re: [p2-dev] p2 installer tool - unexpected IUs uninstallation

This use case is exactly what the Buckminster Aggregator is for - you may find that easier to work with than the p2 installer/director (which it uses under the covers):


It can be used headless (engine feature) or in Eclipse w/ UI (editor feature). Here's a script that merges update site zips into a single repo:


Stoilov, Dimo wrote:
We encountered the following issue with the equinox p2 installer tool (_http://download.eclipse.org/equinox/drops/R-3.5.1-200909170800/download.php?dropFile=equinox.p2.installer-3.5.1-win32.win32.x86.zip_). Having a repositories Repo1 and Repo2 that have *no common IUs*:
1) Create an installation by running the installer pointing to Repo1
2) then switch to Repo2 hoping to add more stuff. However after running the installer we found out the existing stuff (from Repo1) got uninstalled.
Is this the expected behavior? May be there would be more useful and more intuitive to just add the new stuff to the already existing IUs instead of uninstalling the existing stuff. In the same way like the P2 UI in help->"check for updates"/"install new software"
Looking at the generated ProfileChangeRequest (in the code) - all the existing IUs are set for removal, and the new ones set for addition.


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