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Re: [p2-dev] Re: [dash-dev] RE: Help with creating P2 update site

> While not strictly relevant to the magic of running a build or creating
> an update site, let me quickly explain the difference between a .feature
> and a .feature.group.
> foo.feature is the jar (or folder) that contains the feature;
> foo.feature.feature.group is that jar + all its children (namely,
> contained features, fragments and plugins).
> The former is a single installable unit (IU); the latter is a collection
> of IUs that p2 will verify & install in one operation.

The description of what a ".feature.group" is slightly misleading. An IU suffixed with ".feature.group" is just one IU. It happens that most of those IUs have requirements and therefore their installation cause the feature.group itself and all its dependencies to be installed.