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[p2-dev] Follow up on some b3 questions in last p2 call

in (or rather after) the last p2 call, we had a long talk about b3 and what is happening there.
Pascal was especially interested in how to specify where resolved IUs should be installed now that OSGi can have separate containers (I don't remember if that is the correct term), and we talked about how this is done in Buckminster today.

I talked about the ideas regarding "advice" that we have been discussing and have modeled in b3. I also talked about that we see a simplified syntax for describing this advice (and almost everything else related to builds) using xtext.

I have now written a post on the eclipse.b3 newsgroup that provides more information about the ideas discussed on the call.

You find it here http://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php?t=msg&th=155345&start=0&S=14240e7d3f8a005cbf1097e735bdfddb in the forum.

It should be possible to get most of that post without referring to the actual models (as there is a bit of introduction) - but if you are interested, they are posted as PDFs in the newsgroup. (They are also available in Buckminster's svn, if you are really, really interested, which I of course think everyone should be - what could possibly be more interesting :) :) late a Friday night.

Henrik Lindberg