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Re: [p2-dev] Why is the director needed during install?

This dependency is from the eclipse touchpoint to the publisher. It is necessary in order to generate the complete IUs for the bundles being installed from the legacy update sites (becasue when we are generating metadata for UM site we don't pull down all the bundles, but just the features).
The code is written this way so we can honor the fact that the dependency on the publisher is optional. For example if you know you only contact p2 repos.

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[p2-dev] Why is the director needed during install?

During install with our headless version of the director application, we
sometimes see this error:

!ENTRY org.eclipse.equinox.p2.touchpoint.eclipse 4 0 2009-09-24
!MESSAGE The partial IU could not be updated. Publisher not available:

it seems to indicate that the publisher is needed during install. After
some investigation, I found the following code:

        Class c = null;
        try {
            c =
            if (c != null)
                c =
        } catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {
LogHelper.log(Util.createError(NLS.bind(Messages.publisher_not_available, e.getMessage())));
            return null;

Am I correct to assume that the if statement here is incorrect and
really should be if (c == null)? Or is the presence of the publisher a
prerequisite for using the PlatformAdmin?

- thomas

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