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Re: [p2-dev] resetting the configuration area

Hi Rupert,

Here's a bug that deals a bit with the problem -- https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=230384

In a nutshell we found ourselves very late in the Eclipse 3.4 in a not great situation where we had been treating the parent of the "user" configuration folder as a "user" install folder. One of the proposals in the above bug that seemed reasonable was to use the value for -configuration as the user install root however that was deemed too risky at the time. We might look at supporting that with a flag but at this point changing the default behavior is going to be a tough sell.

We currently can re-locate the p2.folder by setting a system property as you note but the user's bundle pool (e.g. artifact.xml as well as the associated plugins and features folders) is not currently set independently. That sounds like something we could support so please open a bug.
For now without getting fancy I'd stick to convention and use a configuration folder that explicitly adds a "configuration" folder at the end.


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[p2-dev] resetting the configuration area

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Hi all,

We repeatably run into an issue since we enabled p2 in our product:

What many developers/testers do here is changing the default
configuration area by passing an option to the startup executable:
"-configuration /tmp/myConfig"

But many do not specify an additional subfolder like:
"/tmp/myConfig/configuration" !

Thus, they run into some problems:
Because folders/files will be created here:
@config/../ (which is in the case above: /tmp/ !)

a p2 folder will be created there - Of course we can change that
behavior in the config.ini file.
However when one installs additional features/plugins they will be
stored here "@config/../" no matter where the users p2 folder is
being located.

The only solution for us, so far, is to specify the configuration area
by adding a sub folder: "-configuration /tmp/myConfig/conf".

Is this the only solution to get rid of this problem?
Do we have any possibilities to customize our product in a way so we
can get rid of this problem?
- we can change the location of the user's p2 folder - OK
- Whats with the artifacts.xml which is being created here @config/../
- and additional installed software  (features/plugins) ??

It would be great if someone can help me on this or can at least point
me to a better suitable place to ask for this issue.

Thanks for any hints,
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