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Re: [p2-dev] Using remote zip'd repos in p2

+1. Remote update site zip support would be teh axxesome.

What about if the metadata was optionally provided as a second (and
third?) downloadable jar, like md5sums are?

Thus, user inputs this into p2 UI:


p2 interprets it as:


and corrects it in the UI.

Then it fetches


cracks THAT open to reveal content.xml, artifacts.xml, and can therefore
do the whole site introspection w/o having to dl a few megs of zip first
- no more to fetch than with an unpacked update site today.

Or, if you only need one of the two metadata files (I've no idea), then
you could instead fetch:

http://eclipse.org/equinox-sdk.content.jar or equinox-sdk.artifacts.jar**



* alternate filename ideas:


("Never meta.jar I didn't like.")

** more variations:


("Your repo is ajar.")
("Close, but no cjar!")


Ian Bull wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Do we have plans to support repos in the following form:
> jar:http://eclipse.org/equinox-sdk.zip!/
> By shipping all these "zip'd repos", it seems like it would be a good
> idea to let people craft their targets (or install their software)
> directly from Eclipse without first D/L the zips first.  This appears to
> "almost work", but it looks like we set a timeout for the content.jar
> file.  If we can download the repo, crack it open, and read the
> content.jar before the timeout, then we're golden.  But if not, then all
> bets are off.
> Does anyone have thoughts on this?
> cheers,
> ian
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