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Re: [p2-dev] Standalone p2 usage (outside eclipse)

An even smaller, platform independent packaging, that contains only the command line version of the P2 director app can be found here:


Pascal,  I think that one too should be available from the Equinox download page. It's a bit awkward that we distribute it from Buckminster.

Thomas Hallgren

Pascal Rapicault wrote:

p2 can be run outside of eclipse, however p2 uses some other OSGi bundles that are delivered as part of eclipse such as the org.eclipse.equinox.common, org.eclipse.equinox.registry and a few others. This does not mean that you need a UI nor that you have to bring all of eclipse.
A good place to start for looking at what p2 needs is to take a look at the p2 installer which is a few select pieces of p2 plus a very simple SWT based UI. It can be found here: http://download.eclipse.org/equinox/drops/R-3.5-200906111540/download.php?dropFile=equinox.p2.installer-3.5-win32.win32.x86.zip


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[p2-dev] Standalone p2 usage (outside eclipse)

Hi guys,

I'm trying to use p2 as a provisioning system outside eclipse.
I thought is that it would be sufficient to take all the p2 bundles, install them in OSGi framework (started as java -jar <equinox.jar>) and everything would be just fine. But what I faced is that p2 bundles require bundles that are part from eclipse (considring bundle name, i.e org.eclipse.core.runtime.jar).
So I'm wondering if p2 is designed only for eclipse internal usage? And if not are there any requirements what exactly you need to have on your system in order to get p2 running? Are there any known limitations with regards to such usage?

Thanks in advance,
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