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RE: [p2-dev] How to install the launcher during the initial provisioning

Ciao Carsten :)
Launchers are included in the deltapack, did you include that one in
your build?
Ciao, hh 

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for quite some days now I am trying to setup the simple RCP Mail product
with P2 and it seems I can't figure out how to include the launcher in
the repository. 

What I got after some fiddling is a repository with all the plugins and
Jars I need for P2 to allow me to install it from somewhere else. So far
so good. 

But I can not get the launcher to be installed alongside the plugins. 

If I copy the launcher and the companion libs to the newly downloaded
installation everything works. 

Is there any documentation (which I am just too blind to find) that
explains how to include some additional files to the repository and have
them installed during the normal directory.app installations? 

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Carsten

PS: Tried at first the equinox-dev mailing list, but was adviced to try