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[p2-dev] P2 and Presence of site.xml

Hi There,

We are going to have to start thinking about our corporate update site
soon and I just realized that we are going to have old, non-P2 installs
out there pointing to the same update URL as our new, P2-based product
and I'm wondering what the side-effects are going to be for our P2-based
product.  I seem to recall reading somewhere that P2 does "different
stuff" based on whether or not a site.xml is present.  In particular, I
think what I read was something about how categories are shown in the
UI.  I was wondering first of all, if this was true and second, if there
are other bits of behaviour that will be different if P2 detects a

Also, is it possible to have a P2 repository located at the same URL as
a legacy update site (containing a site.xml) where the P2 repositor
describes a completely different set of features and plugins as the old
site-xml-based update site?  Or is the presence of a site.xml going to
make P2 simply use it and ignore any P2 repository that may be there.

I'm asking because it may be too late to change our URL in the new P2
product, and I'll need to figure out a solution (perhaps moving the old
site.xml-based update site and forcing legacy users to manually enter a
policy file URL or something).