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[p2-dev] P2 based provisioning support in WSO2 Carbon

Hi devs,

We are really happy to announce that the latest version of WSO2 Carbon [1] which was released on 8th July,2009 has the P2 based provisioning support. WSO2 Carbon - based on OSGi - is the base platform for all WSO2 java products. 

At the initial stages, we had some problems, but finally we were managed to get it done with the help of you guys. We really appreciate the kind of support, we got from the p2-dev mailing list.

At the moment, we are using p2 console for provisioning purposes. We also introduces some new commands to the P2 console. I am planning to provide patches for these new commands.

    provlinstalledg - List installed IUs with group capabilities in the self profile
    provlinstallediu - List installed IUs in the self profile
    provuninstall <InstallableUnit> <version> <profileId> - Provisions an IU to the profile with the give id

Following article is  a step by step guide on using P2 console to extend WSO2 Carbon platform by installing various features.


We really appreciate your work on P2. It is a very useful platform. And also this proves that P2 can be used to provision any OSGi based application.


Sameera Jayasoma
Senior Software Engineer
WSO2 Inc.
Oxygenating the Web Service Platform.

blog: http://tech.jayasoma.org

[1] http://wso2.org/projects/carbon