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Re: [p2-dev] Delta Pack with Target Platform Editor

Hi Dennis,

O'Flynn, Dennis wrote:

Is it possible to use the target platform editor to add the entire delta pack from a P2 repository?

Short answer is, yes. Just unzip the delta-pack to a folder and add that as a "Directory" in a target platform definition.

The longer answer is, well, do you really want that? Why not just create a "Software Site" where you appoint the current Eclipse Platform (or the exact features that you need)? I.e.

1. Create a new empty Target.
2. Add a "Location".
3. Select a "Software Site"
4. Uncheck the "Include required software" in the "Add Software Site" dialog
5. Check "Include all environments"
6. Select a site such as "Galileo" or "The Eclipse Project Updates"
7. Select the features you want. Perhaps "Eclipse Platform" is enough?

This defines a platform that contains all the artifacts from the delta pack. Personally, I like this approach a lot better because it creates a managed target. It also leverages all bells and whistles with pack200, mirroring, etc. in P2. Nowadays, that means much shorter download times.

Kind Regards,
Thomas Hallgren


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