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Re: [p2-dev] "roaming" is mutually exclusive with "bundlePool"

> So, here is what I want, a single directory containing:
> - bundlePool
> - install.linux
> - install.solaris
> with install.solaris and install.linux being the launchers and config
> data, but the bundlePool containing all necessary plug-ins.
> This is quite easily doable, and works miraculously well. All the
> references are relative "../bundlePool/...", nice job! :)

Happy to hear that this is working fine for you. I'm sure that many ppl
in the community would be appreciative if you could document how you did this on the wiki.

> Looking at the code I realize this is nothing to be fixed easily. Still,
> I'm not sure why the frameworkadmin does not use the location of the
> eclipse startup .exe as the location of the install rather than the
> location of the launcher jar which is potentially included from some
> bundle pool, maybe using `dirname eclipse.exe` as installation root is
> the way out of this...?

Fwk admin tries to mimic the behavior of the eclipse launcher / launcher.jar and at this
stage I'm not sure if the launcher supports a mode where the path to launcher jar is enough to
bootstrap the system and find the org.eclipse.osgi jar in a setup like you have.
Did you try removing the -install argument? Does the system start? Are eclipse.ini / config.ini / etc read properly?
Is -install the only problematic argument?