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Re: [p2-dev] Creating the p2 profile manually

Your current problem is rooted in the fact that your initial distribution is not resulting from a provisioning operation. As such, there is no p2 profile no artifacts.xml, etc. but there is probably other aspects of the system that are misconfigured.
For the eclipse SDK, or the EPP packages, this problem is solved by creating the initial distribution by invoking the p2 director. If your platform resemble an eclipse installation, then you should be able to do the same (maybe starting from a product file to ease the task) and then avoid many other subtle problems

Otherwise the approach of spoofing up a profile should work. I have created an example for something similar in the incubator (in the RT repo org.eclipse.equinox/incubator/p2/bundles/org.eclipse.equinox.p2.afterthefact). It creates a profile for all the bundles in your system, but it does not properly set up the inclusion flag when creating the original profile nor does it try to manage the artifacts (for example the IU being generated does not have an artifact key).

I think the problem you are encountering with the feature.xml is probably related to the absence of a proper platform.xml (wild guess). If you don't care about having the feature.xml on disk, then simply don't install them since all the interesting metadata that p2 needs is in the IU whose name ends with .feature.group. To not have the feature.xml be installed, set the org.eclipse.update.install.features profile property to false when you create it the first time.



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Re: [p2-dev] Creating the p2 profile manually

Saminda Wijeratne


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06/23/2009 08:01 PM

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Problem in this method is that the p2 does not support uninstallation of such methods. Which is y we need an alternative. btw is there any plan to add the uninstallation of features in feature folder through the p2 conosle?

Any other ways which we can solve the original problem?


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