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[p2-dev] Using a generated repo as a target platform.

Title: Using a generated repo as a target platform.

I successfully generated a p2 repo using the feature export wizard in Galileo. No problem there :)

Next I wanted to use that repo as a target platform using the cool new PDE target platform editor feature that can use an update site (p2 repo) as a target platform.  However, that did not work if I left the Include required software checkbox checked. I got an error using the repo:

Cannot satisfy dependency:
Missing Requirement: Java Architecture for XML binding (JAXB) Implementation 2.1.7 (com.springsource.com.sun.xml.bind 2.1.7) requires ‘package javax.imageio.stream 0.0.0’ but it could not be found.

Should javax.imageio.* not come from the JRE/JDK ?? The javax.imageio.* packages are generally system packages in the org.osgi.framework.system.packages sense.

If I uncheck the Include Required Software checkbox, then the target platform gets resolved and built. That works as a workaround, at least. But in general I would not want to unselect that checkbox.

Any suggestions? Or is this working as designed?

Best Regards,

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