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[p2-dev] "roaming" is mutually exclusive with "bundlePool"

Ciao Guys :)
I'd like to ask for your help with our release setup, would some of you
answer me the following questions please?

Basically, what I'm trying to do is implement the following scenario
Pascal told us to use:
- have one bundle pool
- have one install area per os/ws/arch config

So, here is what I want, a single directory containing:
- bundlePool
- install.linux
- install.solaris

with install.solaris and install.linux being the launchers and config
data, but the bundlePool containing all necessary plug-ins.
This is quite easily doable, and works miraculously well. All the
references are relative "../bundlePool/...", nice job! :)

Here comes the big but, I also want to put this whole structure into a
zip and hand it off to our customer. Easy you say, roaming you mention?
I thought as much, but unfortunately the usage of a bundlePool here
makes the director add the entry 
"-install <absolute path>" 
into eclipse.ini, and I can't get copy this installation around.

Looking at the code I realize this is nothing to be fixed easily. Still,
I'm not sure why the frameworkadmin does not use the location of the
eclipse startup .exe as the location of the install rather than the
location of the launcher jar which is potentially included from some
bundle pool, maybe using `dirname eclipse.exe` as installation root is
the way out of this...?

Well, I'm open for any suggestions whatsover, I think the use case for
you guys could be the distributed eclipse-SDK drop, they too should
probably be distributed as one, small  installation plus a bundle pool
that could then be shared by many os/ws/arch combinations?

Ciao, hh