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RE: [p2-dev] p2.director.app missing from bundles.info

"One thing I notice is that the Eclipse 3.4.2 release came out February 11th. I don’t know when exactly this build broke, but we don’t have any builds prior to this date that fail, nor do we have any builds after this date that succeed. Perhaps our build is going to an update site that used to pull down Equinox 3.4.1 stuff and now pulls down Equinox 3.4.2 stuff, and this leads to some compatibility issues that breaks our install. If I could force it to stick with the Equinox plug-ins that shipped with 3.4.1, it might work again. Does that sound right or is it another red herring?"

I see there is a flag in my build called “org.eclipse.update.install.features” that is passed to the P2 director and was set to true. I am wondering if setting it to false will prevent the director from grabbing new bundles from the Internet (if it is the one doing so).

-          Sean