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[p2-dev] Avoiding Director-Added Repository Locations?

Hello Again,

I noticed as a side-effect of our installer installing from a local
filesystem repository (basically on the install CD), P2 adds a location
into the Available Software Sites that is "file:/path/to/local/site/".
Really what I want is our internet-based URL.  That's fine, I can add
this via an addRepository(..) touchpoint action - but how do I avoid the
filesystem based one from getting in there (or how can I remove it)?
The problem with simply removing it is...well, I have no idea what it
could be.  Some people may run the installer from the network, or a CD
drive that could be any drive letter.

I guess I could just leave it there, but if it is a CD drive, won't this
get hit every time the user checks for updates?