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RE: [p2-dev] p2.director.app missing from bundles.info



Thank you for the response.

>> My questions:
>> 1)      Does my theory about the problem make sense? Do the
>> provisioning plug-ins specify dependencies that could cause an older
>> version of the p2.director.app plug-in to be excluded from the
>> bundles.info? If not, how does a plug-in get excluded from
>> bundles.info and how can I make sure it gets added?

>The director.app bundle should be just in all packages available since otherwise
>it would mean that the download you started from is corrupted.
>I can't think of any scenario where the installation could cause the removal
>of the director.app bundle.

I was not sufficiently clear in my e-mail. The director.app plug-in is contained in both the Windows and Linux packages. It is also contained in the bundles.info file that we include in the build. However, in the bundles.info that ends up in the /opt/[product name]/…/org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator/ directory, the director.app plug-in is not contained.

>I'm not sure if this is the case, but you want to make sure to clearly separate
>the eclipse is running the director and the eclipse that you are trying to install into or create

I may be getting confused by the amount of indirection J. We manually kick off an installer that installs a bunch of plug-ins, and it then invokes the p2 director application to install a bunch of other stuff. It is this latter step that ends up failing because the bundles.info that ends up installed does not include the director.app plug-in (even though the plug-in itself is in the file system in the plugins/ folder).

One thing I notice is that the Eclipse 3.4.2 release came out February 11th. I don’t know when exactly this build broke, but we don’t have any builds prior to this date that fail, nor do we have any builds after this date that succeed. Perhaps our build is going to an update site that used to pull down Equinox 3.4.1 stuff and now pulls down Equinox 3.4.2 stuff, and this leads to some compatibility issues that breaks our install. If I could force it to stick with the Equinox plug-ins that shipped with 3.4.1, it might work again. Does that sound right or is it another red herring?

Thanks for your help.