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Re: [p2-dev] p2.director.app missing from bundles.info

> I am new to P2, so if any of this terminology is incorrect or I am
> posting to the wrong list, my apologies.

> I have inherited an installation process that makes use of a P2
> repository. There is currently a discrepancy between the Windows and
> Linux versions that causes the Linux version to fail to install
> while Windows installs fine. The Linux install fails because the
> org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director.app plug-in is not contained in the
> bundles.info file, although the plug-in itself does exist in the
> plugins/ hierarchy. The installer needs to launch this plug-in so it
> dies when it can’t find it.

I understand that you are using the director.app at some point during
you installation. This application is platform independent (to the exception of the
executable that are not necessary in this environment) and you should
be able to run the same copy on both linux and windows.

> Another difference between the Windows and Linux installs is that
> the Windows install has a version of org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director
> consistent with the Eclipse 3.4.1 release, but the Linux install has
> a version of org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director consistent with Eclipse
> 3.4.2. Eclipse 3.4.2’s provisioning package does not contain an
> org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director.app plug-in and later RC builds
> don’t seem to have it either.

> My theory is that something in my Linux build ends up with a
> dependency on one or more 3.4.2 provisioning plug-ins, which specify
> minimum plug-in dependencies that exclude the 3.4.1 version of
> p2.director.app. Then because 3.4.2 does not have a p2.director.app
> plug-in, there is nothing put in the bundles.info, and then the
> installer fails trying to invoke it.

> My questions:
> 1)      Does my theory about the problem make sense? Do the
> provisioning plug-ins specify dependencies that could cause an older
> version of the p2.director.app plug-in to be excluded from the
> bundles.info? If not, how does a plug-in get excluded from
> bundles.info and how can I make sure it gets added?

The director.app bundle should be just in all packages available since otherwise
it would mean that the download you started from is corrupted.
I can't think of any scenario where the installation could cause the removal
of the director.app bundle.

> 2)      Where can I find a version of the p2.director.app plug-in
> that is compatible with the Eclipse 3.4.2 release?

Simply grab it from the SDK download for 3.4.2: http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/downloads/

I'm not sure if this is the case, but you want to make sure to clearly separate
the eclipse is running the director and the eclipse that you are trying to install into or create