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[p2-dev] 3.5.x and 3.6, the fun goes on

As discussed today during the call, let's reopen HEAD for 3.6.

The development of 3.5.x will go on in a separate branch. The branch will only be created once 3.5 will have been officially delivered.
In the meantime you can already release those changes in HEAD since we want them to happen in both places.
For changes being released to this stream, we will use the following rule of engagement: one other committer to review the change and the component lead to agree to the change.
Also, in order to facilitate the tracking of what goes in 3.5.x, please make sure that there is always a bug corresponding to it with the appropriate target milestone set.

One last point, there will not be any N or I build for a while, so please make sure to always run the tests and add more tests!