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[p2-dev] p2.director.app missing from bundles.info



I am new to P2, so if any of this terminology is incorrect or I am posting to the wrong list, my apologies.


I have inherited an installation process that makes use of a P2 repository. There is currently a discrepancy between the Windows and Linux versions that causes the Linux version to fail to install while Windows installs fine. The Linux install fails because the org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director.app plug-in is not contained in the bundles.info file, although the plug-in itself does exist in the plugins/ hierarchy. The installer needs to launch this plug-in so it dies when it can’t find it.


Another difference between the Windows and Linux installs is that the Windows install has a version of org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director consistent with the Eclipse 3.4.1 release, but the Linux install has a version of org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director consistent with Eclipse 3.4.2. Eclipse 3.4.2’s provisioning package does not contain an org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director.app plug-in and later RC builds don’t seem to have it either.


My theory is that something in my Linux build ends up with a dependency on one or more 3.4.2 provisioning plug-ins, which specify minimum plug-in dependencies that exclude the 3.4.1 version of p2.director.app. Then because 3.4.2 does not have a p2.director.app plug-in, there is nothing put in the bundles.info, and then the installer fails trying to invoke it.


My questions:

1)      Does my theory about the problem make sense? Do the provisioning plug-ins specify dependencies that could cause an older version of the p2.director.app plug-in to be excluded from the bundles.info? If not, how does a plug-in get excluded from bundles.info and how can I make sure it gets added?

2)      Where can I find a version of the p2.director.app plug-in that is compatible with the Eclipse 3.4.2 release?


Thanks in advance. I’m still picking up this technology and trying to solve a problem while not fully up to speed, so your patience is appreciated.